Glamourous Retro Hairstyle from Jennifer Murphy

Jennifer Murphy is a beautiful model with slurred blond hair. She was able to do anything with her awesome hair and still look sensational. Instead of the tired old style of center-parted hair, she’s parted in to the side, which is how so many madams did their hair in the Forties. In fact this picture prompts us of the hair icon of the 40s : Rita Hayworth. She also had an unbelievable hairline.

With her hot retro hairstyle, Jennifer graced the red carpet in a pallid shimmery conventional dress that is very sexy but also very graceful and feminine. The light champagne colour, full length, and ruffly bottom half is beautiful modern Hollywood glamor. Let’s hope this girl makes it big as an actress so we can see her again at more red carpet events.

Photos: Getty Images

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