Feel Good Beauty Products

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Feel Good Beauty Products

Today I will be discussing my favourite ‘feel good’ beauty products that I actually want to use on my face and I use them knowing that I won’t wake up covered in spots. Not only do these products not make me break out they also feel so good on my face when I use them and it makes me look forward to putting my makeup on in a morning. So, without further ado lets get started.

My first feel good product has to be the Nars Face cleanser because after I have washed it off my face feels so clean that I just want to keep re applying it! It also has little micro beads in that scrub off any unwanted dry skin and scrubs down lumpy areas etc.

My second feel good product is the simple moisturiser. This is by far my favourite moisturiser purely because it doesn’t make me have even more dry skin (trust me it’s happened before!) and it perfectly evens out my skin to make it feel so good.

Another feel good product that I own is my Roller Lash by benefit. You may be thinking ‘how can a mascara feel good?’ Well… Let me tell you, this mascara lifts and curls your lashes so much it’s actually unbelievable! They make my lashes feel weightless and that’s what I love about them!

Finally my last feel good product are my baby lips because they make my lips feel so hydrated and really help me keep them looking pretty in winter! Not only do they moisturise them they also can add pigment which is a really good idea on my opinion because you can still have a pretty coloured lips but also really soft looking.

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