40 Great Eye Makeup Looks for Brown Eyes

For brown-eyed ladies there are lots of different ways to use makeup in order to make their eyes pop. Fortunately, internet is here for help as there are tons of great pictorials and tutorials by great makeup artists.

Ladies with brown eyes are really really lucky as they can use whatever shade of eye shadow they want and still look great! From pink to gold, to gray to turquoise– all these shadows look perfect.

2. Pictorial for Gold Eye Makeup Look

Pictorial for Gold Eye Makeup Look

Instagram / makeupby_ev21

Brown eyes and gold eyeshadow are a perfect compliment. The gold eyeshadow will emphasize and make your brown eyes shine.

Step 1: Prime your eyes and add brown eyeshadow to the crease. With a winged liner brush, draw a line to create a cut crease.

Step 2: With a blending brush, blend the cut crease line, making sure there’s no harsh line. Apply concealer underneath the cut crease to clean it up.

Step 3: Apply gold glitter eyeshadow on the lid.

Step 4: Apply black gel liner.

Step 5: Highlight the brow bone and  finish the look with false eyelashes.

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