Easy Updo Hairstyle

Easy Updo Hairstyles

The twisted  easy updo is a hairstyle many people love and fear. The love part of the equation is obvious. This hair style looks amazing. However, it appears to be quite complicated to the untrained eye. The twisted  easy updo does not require amazing hairstyling skills. It does not even require the touch of a professional stylist. This style takes little real effort and can be used by anyone regardless of their skills.

Easy Updo Hairstyles

During the early to mid portion of 2011 hairstyles were all about the updo. Whether these updo styles were messy or heavily stylized did not matter. They were in full-effect. Every season has seen a change in this style of hair. Hairstyles that were tailor made to fit celebrities and the trendy alike have arisen to showcase the power and beauty of these styles. However, out of all of the varied styles of updo available there is one that catches the eye quite frequently. This style is known as the twisted easy updo, and it is gorgeous.

The twisted easy updo brings to mind romance, style, sophistication, and glamour. Despite the thoughts and emotions the twisted easy updo can cause there is little reason to actually fear it. This style can be made quite easily, and it is extremely versatile. It can be used for many occasions and may be one of the most perfect of all on-the-go hairstyles around.

Easy Updo Hairstyles

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Easy Updo


Just like the updo in general, the twisted easy updo can be reinvisioned and structured in a wide variety of ways. You can tousle it, refine it into a truly elegant marvel, or simply unleash your inner Boho babe and rock this style in a soft innocent way. The types of variations that can be made will be highly variable between people due to personality and expressive desires. However, a few of the ways the twisted easy updo can be rearranged to meet your needs include changing the way in which it is parted, and the method used to complete the look. This style can easily be used with either a middle or side part.

Easy Updo

easy updo to do at home

One of the easiest methods for creating the twisted easy updo hairstyle begins by applying hair wax. Once you have applied the wax it will be time to create your part of choice. This part can either be directly in the center, on the side, or deep on the side. The choice will be based on the kind of twisted  easy updo you are trying to create. After you have made the part in your hair, you will need to roll the forward section of your hair on one side into a twist. Pin this hair at the nape of the neck then repeat the entire process on the opposite side.

The process continues by pulling the hair into a low ponytail. Now twist this hair up then tuck the ends. In order to finish the twisted  easy updo you will need to secure your hair in place with hair pins and spray. Now go make your friends jealous while you rock your sexy new twisted easy updo!

Easy Twisted Updo Tutorial

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