Dry Hair and Dry Scalp Type

Dry Hair and Dry Scalp Type

Dry type of scalp usually goes together with dry dandruff. How to take care of such type of scalp? First of all, shampoo  should be done a special way. Hair must be protected from water pressure on the inside paries of the hair – during shampooing water gets inside layers of hair and push it from inside, as a result hair loses its texture, swells, they become hard to brush. Bloodies and people with dry hair and split ends knows what does it feels like. There are two main ways to protect hair from this situation.

First is putting hair mask on dirty and dry hair before shampooing.  Mask can be applied with hands as usually or with hair coloring brush.  Carefully put mask on every lock, but don’t put it on the skin, because it is dirty. While applying mask every lock should be well stroked with hands, in the end it should be very smooth and homogenic texture so that fingers can easily go thought the hair with no barrier.   Put mask on all the hair if you have short or middle length cut, if your hair is long put mask only on damaged hair parts.  Then shampoo your hair. Water temperature should be 45-50 Celsius degrees 104-122 Fahrenheit degrees. First soak your hair and slightly wash away mask, then shampoo your hair with shampoo for dry scalp two times.

During first shampooing you will wash away dust and styling products remains from hair, do not do scalp massage  while first shampooing so that dust will not get inside of your skin. Second shampooing should be done with cleansing scalp massage.  Extra water should be wringed towards hair scales. If after shampooing you feel difficulty with brushing your hair, then you should keep the previous mask more up to 30 minutes. If while previous mask you wear a shower hat and wrap your head with towel the effect of mask will be two times better.  You should shampoo your hair with described method every time if hair is much damaged.  According to the recovery process the procedure should be done as preventive measures.

Second protection and caring way is applying mask for dry hair and scalp after shampooing. Mask should be applied as told above on hair and scalp. After you waited the required time  according to the pack or 15-20 minutes for home made masks, try doing emulsification – pour over your had with water and  fluff with fingers. This procedure will increase nutrition absorption.  Wash away the mask using only water.

Scalp massage is highly recommended  for dry type scalp. It furthers oil gland to develop and revitalizes skin, improving its condition.

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