Cool Summer Style – Making The Most Of The Sun

Cool Summer Style – Making The Most Of The Sun

We’re all well aware of the fleeting nature of the British summer – one day it’s a heat wave and the next we’re in the midst of a torrential downpour. There’s little telling what it’ll do next, so you fashion hunters better make the very most of the sun that we do get. As soon as temperatures rise, get those legs out and put those sunnies on – it’s time to rock this summer’s hottest looks.
This season, there are quite a few signature trends making waves on the catwalks.

The recent heat wave has seen a surge in the sales of cropped tops, backless dresses and barely there shorts. If you’ve got the gams to pull them off – printed shorts are huge this summer, as are suede ankle boots and sophisticated Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. It’s a jungle out there – are you ready for it?
Printed Shorts 

Printed Shorts

Celebrities like Solange Knowles, Olivia Palermo and Selena Gomez have recently been spotted rocking printed shorts. They’re bold, they’re vibrant and they’re very, very cool, say the experts at In Style magazine. If you’re a girl with bags of confidence, go for barely there shorts which skim the thighs and show off your pins. If you’re not quite as eager to flash the flesh, however, there are plenty of longer shorts on the market right now. Team printed shorts with a well fitting cotton vest and cooler than cool ankle boots, say the experts at Glamour magazine.
Leather Dresses 
Leather Dresses for Summer

It’s a strange sort of trend for the summer, this one – it is big on the fashion scene right now though. Leather dresses are all the rage in Hollywood at the moment. Super stylish actress Emmy Rossum was recently seen wearing a beautiful, cream coloured leather dress. It’s a look that will only work in the summer if you invest carefully – go for a dress that’s as lightweight as possible and don’t wear anything too tight.
Cropped Tops

Crop Tops

No, cropped tops aren’t just for music videos from the 1990’s – they’re making a huge comeback, says Cropped tops are perfect for the summer because they’re lightweight and barely there without being inappropriate or gratuitous, especially if you team them with shorts or a skirt with a high waist.
Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunnies 

Ray Ban Warfare Sunglasses

It would quicker and easier to list the celebrities that don’t wear Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses – that’s how popular an accessory they are. Ray Bans Wayfarers are the epitome of casual chic and the Wayfarer takes that one step further, transforming even the drabbest of looks into something that looks artfully considered and put together.

Kristen Stewart, Natalie Portman and Miranda Kerr are hardly ever seen without a pair and you should be the same. When it comes to summer accessories, it doesn’t get much trendier than Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses. Team them with a skinny vest, an open oversized checked shirt and a pair of barely there printed shorts for a steaming summer time look.
Backless Dresses 

Backless Dresses

Backless dresses never really go out of fashion – they’re a staple of celebrity style. Female starlets have been rocking the backless dress on the red carpet for decades and they’re not about to stop any time soon. Fortunately, this is a look that’s not just for those with millions in the bank. There are hundreds of beautiful, budget backless dresses on the market right now. Why not go for something bold and vibrant in yellow, green or orange? If you want to turn heads, this is the way to do it.
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CJ is a fashion blogger and journalist. She lives in London with her fiancé and her cat Boots. She never goes anywhere without her suede ankle boots and Ray Ban Wayfarers sunglasses from Choice Store. 

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