Clip-in Hair Extensions: DIY Fabulous Hair!

Hair extension clips are a wonderful tool that can be used to acquire an expensive salon look from the comfort of your own home. These items come in many styles and shades, and are quite useful for people who like to change their hair styles frequently.

What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Clip in hair extensions are a type of hair product that are worn in a manner similar to a weave in some regards The primary difference is that the clip in can be removed readily. These items come in many material designs that range from synthetic to fully human hair. These hair extensions are fastened onto the hair in a stable, but easily removed manner.

What Are They Used For?

Hair extensions are used to add volume, extend, or highlight the hair in ways the individual’s normal hair cannot. Some people enjoy using metallic colors or similar types of dye on their hair extensions in order to achieve an edgy look without damaging their real hair.


How Much Do Hair Extension Clips Cost?

The best quality human hair is highly sought and provides the best overall results. However, the hair extensions cost will climb alongside the increase in quality. Synthetic hair can be purchased for a relatively low price. However, the highest quality human hair can cost hundreds, thousands, of dollars. High quality human hair will range between $70 and $400. The costs beyond that will normally come from customization of the hair at a professional salon if such actions are desired.

Synthetic hair will usually be far less expensive. It should be noted that this type of hair material is not as versatile as real hair. These items may melt when exposed to abnormal levels of heat, such as a blow dryer. They are also pre-set to a specific style most of the time.

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