Celebrity Hairstyles 2010 – Top Knot Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles top knot

Part 1. Knots and top knots.

Knot is very easy and chick hairstyle. Chose which one you like sleek and prim or loose, high or low, centered or side. Try all the hair styles and chose which one fits you better and you do not look like a teacher. Smooth knot will be perfect for evening out and you can do loose knot to go out with your girls and to pretty much anywhere. Be sure to do your knot really high or super low, middle will make it a ballerina bun. Do not make a loose knot too messy or it will look like a nest. These girls could not do it.

How to make a sleek tight knot?

Make a strong smooth pony tail using a flat brush and smoothing serum. If your hair is wavy use a hair straightened to straighten it first, then twist the tail into top knot the way you want and fix with hair pins (don’t make them seen). Finish hair style with hairspray.

How to make a soft top knot?

This is how I do it. I do not blow dry my hair after I shampoo, but just get the extra water with towel. When hair is ready I bend head down and scrap my hair the way they are, no combing. After it I wrap the pony tail with hair elastic twice and on the third time I leave the loop (I have middle length hair). Since hair is wet and not combed, they will lie randomly but not too messy. After hair gets totally dry you will enjoy the result! Also try the usual way to do this hair style. Blow dry your hair head down for more volume and scrap it to pony tail with just your fingers. Twist the tail around hair elastic and fix it with hair pins. You can also make a loose braid and twist it into a top knot.


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