Catwalk Hair

catwalk hair 2011 - 2012

Catwalk hair is something that a lot of people want, but few know how to get. The general belief most people have is that it takes extraordinary talent and skill to make these hairdos happen. While this might be the case on some of the more extravagant styles, there are a few simpler versions that might interest you. 

The key to many of these styles is to break them down into simple steps. Beyond their creation, however, there is one thing that people like to do even if they never wish to wear catwalk amazing hair. That one thing is to look at the amazing catwalk hair!

New York Fashion week 2011 was, as usual, a hotbed of amazing do`s. Fashion week hair is a time of year that many designers, hair stylists, and hair styling hobbyists look forward to every year. While the fashions on the catwalk are always creative and interesting, nothing compares to the wildly imaginative hair!

There are several hair fabulous concepts that were used that people can recreate on their own everyday. Three of the simplest, but most interesting, styles can even be done on your own at home! These three styles are:

The Slick Ponytail

The slick ponytail is one way to make your boring hair day into a truly unregrettable adventure in awesome hair. Tease your hair along the crown then, while keeping the sides slick and tight, you craft a beautiful ponytail that catches the eye and showcases your awesome locks. This style was seen at the runway at Missoni.

Catwalk Hair

catwalk hair 2011 hair trends wavy pony

Color Braiding

At the Rachel Roy show, hair styling professional Ted Gibson lit up the runway with his catwalk hair creations by adding and bright and interesting twist to typical braids. This is easy to do on your own as well. First find two or more pieces of ribbon that are of a color you prefer that are also the length of your hair. Divide your hair in half and then separate these halved pieces into three parts that are equal. Take your ribbon and create a knot at the top of one section. Now, as you braid the section weave the ribbon into it. Then secure your new braid over the top of your head with appropriate pins. Once you are done, repeat this step on the other side. This catwalk fabulous style is very simple to create and can add color without the need to deal with hair dye!

2011 hair trends braids rachel roy catwalk hair

Recyling Fabulousness!

The simplest way to spice up your do, as evidenced during fashion week 2011, is to reuse old stockings or tights in a bold new way. Take your worn, or torn tights, and cut the legs into many thin horizontal strips like Bob Recline did at the Halston Fashion show. Once this is done you now have interesting hair ties or covers for your ponytail holders that look so much more interesting than a basic scrunchie!

Catwalk Hair

2011 hair trends catwalk hair 2012

2011 hair trends catwalk hair 2012

You can help save the environment, and look catwalk awesome at the same time! Plus, you will have plenty of cute new hair-ties and ponytail holder covers!

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