Bronde Hair Trend

Bronde hair color is one of the most beautiful and popular hairstyle trends currently. This hair color is achieved by painting your hair at exactly the right points along the top of your hair with 2 different types and volumes of creams designed for color lifting.

Bronde is basically a shade of natural brunette hair that has been expertly highlighted with many different streaks in order to maximize their appeal and luster. The best part about having bronde hair color is the assumptions people will tend to make. When you rock this style many people may simply assume that you spent a weekend at the beach. With an experienced stylist on hand to make things go perfectly, these color changes will look exactly like sun-streaked blonde highlights.

The bronde hair color style is one that works well for many types of people. You can acquire a cool new blond look without the appearance of having dyed your hair. There is a bit of a social stigma attached with “bottle blondes” that some people unfairly deal with. There is no stigma attached with being a bronde.


Even though there is a social stigma that surrounds dying hair blonde in some places, many people wish to have that type of hair color. However, there are some people who will not look good as a blonde. Their eye color might be too soft, or their skin tone does not work well with that color type either. Maybe their natural hair color requires a great deal of stripping and this will lead t damaging their hair. Whatever the reason, many people choose to work with bronde hair color because it is a look that adds luster and vitality to the hair in a way that seems natural.

The bronde style first became popular in 2007 when Gisele Bundchen rocked it for a time. Since then many popular celebrites began to wear their hair in this color style. Due to this fact, the bronde hair color style has become wildly popular with many people all over the world.

Bronde Hair Color


It is important that you work with a professional stylist in order to have the bronde hair color you desire. The bronde style is hard to create at times due to the exact color matching required. If the stylist is not experienced in creating bronde hair color your hair may end up contrasting between the roots and the ends that are highlighted. In all honesty it would look as though you completely fried your hair chemically with a bad dye job earlier and have spent a few months trying to grow it out. It is not an attractive look.

Bronde Hair Trend

If you’re looking to lighten up your brunette hair then consider choosing a bronde hair color. It allows you to have both the brunette look for dark sophistication and a highlights of blonde that provide whimsy, personality, and a lighter look to your appearance in general. If the highlights are perform properly bronde hair color really is the best of both worlds!

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