Dad Gets Brilliant Revenge After Coach Gives His Daughter “Good Job” Slap On The Butt

It’s often said that mama bears should be avoided at all costs if their young are messed with, but one Pennsylvania man has just proved that papa bears are an equal force of nature by posting one of the most epic revenge stories we’ve seen this year.

The anonymous man, who heavily edited his Reddit monologue to avoid doxxing accusations, tells the tale of ‘Steve,’ a softball coach with a tendency to get a bit too handsy with the young girls on his team – including the OP’s daughter. When he witnesses a particularly inappropriate moment, he pulls the creepy coach aside to call him out on it. Not only does the smarmy bastard defend himself and refuse to stop, he tries to slander the concerned father’s name to anyone in town who will listen. Luckily, ‘Steve’ has a few unsavory skeletons hiding in his closet, and they soon come back to bite him in the most satisfying way. (special thanks to Stella @BoredPanda)

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A dad recently witnessed an inappropriate moment between his daughter and her softball coach

After the coach brushed it off, he decided to get revenge and now his story about the encounter is going viral…

Over 36 thousand people agreed that ‘Steve’ was a total scumbag, and upvoted the dad’s payback

Here’s what a few of those users had to say in response to the coach’s untimely downfall:

What do you think? Revenge well-deserved or too coldly served?


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