Boys Hairstyles and Boys Haircuts

There are a lot of different styles that are popular currently among boys of all ages. From teens to guys in their early twenties there are styles to fit every face and personality. These boys hairstyles vary from very short to shoulder length.


The first thing that you should consider when it comes to trends in boy haircuts in 2015, is that short is always preferable. However, hairstyles for young men have changed over the last few years. In the past a short hairstyle might be a buzzcut, a flattop, or the military style high and tight.

A medium fade was very popular for a while as well. In the modern day short hair styles are more dynamic and focus on the same sort of concepts that feminine hairstyles work with, layers and volume. On the following pages you will see pictorial examples of some of the more popular celebrity hairstyles that boys of all ages are using. The side part, the comb-over, the bed head, and the short with random spikes hairstyles are quite popular and trendy currently.

The shag can be modified as well. When it is modified it can be lifted, blown back, or made to look like an artful mess depending on the interest of the young man in question. The artfully messy style gives the impression that the youth does not really care about his appearance, but the obvious artful look to it shows that he does. Tom Welling tends to sport hair like this despite being out of his teen years now.

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