Bouffant Hairstyles

This season’s hairstyles are anything buy low-key. Get ready to wear high, bouncy and bold hair. Autumn – winter 2010 hairstyles are all about volume. Everybody loves thick, healthy looking locks. We are ready to become extremely glamorous with new bouffant hairstyles.

Here I will teach you how to do new hot hairstyles by yourself. The most important thing you need to learn is teasing.

What are the teasing tools?

The main teasing tool is tail comb. Check out guide to expert teasing.

What else do you need to perform big hair hairstyle


Large Bristle Brush Doughnut Ring Curling Iron
Large Vented Rollers Hairspray  Frizz Ease John Frieda Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray

Hair preparation.

Prepping the hair properly is a key to all big hairdos. Rough-dry hair, then spritz volumising spray on to the roots, if you spray it all over ends will become sticky. Start drying with a vent brush, adding volume to roots. Take a large, round brush and blow out ends, section by section. Be sure to direct the heat and brush away from face to maximise root lift and smooth out the lengths.

Rollers. Velcro rollers are so easy to use at home. They are easy to put and take out. Place tree rollers on top, rolling the hair back from the face, then put two on each side and four on back. Use a tail comb to separate even hair strands, if rollers tend to fall, secure with large clips. Leave to set for 30-40 minutes. Use this time for makeup or dressing up. Cover hair with a net to protect your work.

Continue. Click on the hairstyle you would like to learn do by yourself based on preparation that was  described above.

Teased Pony Tail
Teased Pony Tail
Super Bun
Super Bun
Super Sexy Waves
Super Sexy Waves

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