Blonde Hair Colors: Go Blonde!

Blonde hair colors vary in shade to a great degree based on both the lighting and the texture of your hair. While it is a fabulous look for most people it is also one of the most over used hair color ideas. More people go blonde than any other color. Unfortunately it is almost always the platinum or golden blonde hair colors that they choose. There are several other shades that work well with specific facial structures. Some of the best blonde hair color ideas used today involve going with different shades like dark blonde.

Blonde Shades


Whether an individual’s hair color is natural or they choose to dye their hair with a variety of blonde hair colors it is important to choose both a style of hair that works for their complexion and a style that works with their personality. For instance, strawberry blonde hair that has many curls is often seen as adorable and cute. This might not work for an older individual but it works wonders for a younger one. Given the number of blonde hair colors available, it is important to take many factors into account before choosing the right one.

If you have fair skin it would be best to go with lighter blonde hair color shades, even the platinum blonde shade mentioned earlier. A darker complexion will work the best with slightly darker blonde hair colors. Dirty blonde hair can work wonders for a median complexion, while dark blonde hair can frame the face of a dusky skinned person quite well. Keep in mind that sometimes you may find that your skin tone and complexion work with a myriad number of blonde hair colors. Your skin may be much darker than someone of stereotypical Nordic descent. However, bright blonde hair colors might work for you. It is a good idea to try working with several different blonde hair colors before settling on the one that suits you the best.

Platinum Blonde Shades


If your hair color does not include natural blonde shades of color it is important to take the natural color of the hair into account whenever you choose to dye it. Dark hair needs to be evenly stripped of its color. If it is not bleached evenly there will be different shades of color that appear in the end. Blonde hair colors that are used to dye dark hair often create streaks of strawberry blonde or red hair in uneven sections if the bleach is not applied evenly. In some unfortunate instances you’ll end up with orange hair, and either more dyeing or a hair cut might be the only solution.

There are several popular celebrities that sport blonde hair colors that many people love. Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift are two good examples. The shade of their hair is only slightly different in many instances. Their personalities and facial structure are quite different, however. The styles used in conjuction with their blonde hair colors shows off their personality quirks and allows for greater expression.

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