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Modern dying technologies made your way to become blonde easier, better and less harmful. New hair dyes with oils do not only exclude traumatizing hair, but also nourish it, return hair shine and allow to access more natural looking shades. If you crave transformation from brunette to blonde I recommend you to do it in a really good hair salon. Dying hair at home with the help of a friend is  like a lottery ticket – most probably you will not win! As a result you will get ugly tone in the best case scenario and irretrievable hair damage in the worst case. The process of make over must be gradual, this way you will protect your hair and finding shade that suits you will be easier. Follow Kristen Stewart example.

There are thousands of shades that are all called blond shades, one should choose the proper shade according to skin tone – the warmer the skin tone the more bright and yellow can be hair shade. Good hair stylist can easily tell which shade will fit your skin tone. This season hair stylists use many different blond shades (mixing warm and cold tones), making hair more structured and natural looking…

The principle of hair lightening did not change over the years because only hydrogen peroxide and ammonia can destroy the pigment. Adding shine and strength to hair is nourishing components task. After lightening it is recommended to tone hair using dyes without oxidants, but with nourishing oils. Cosmetic companies invest a lot of money into researching, trying to find most healthy and not damaging ways to dye hair. As a result we can dye hair with Kydra dyes with Elixir d’Ales with oils of juniper and rosemary. L’Oreal Professionel invented INOA, the dye that uses mineral oils to deliver pigment into hair structure. Matrix is using fruit oils in their blond hair dyes.

Dying Hair at Home

When brand new mouse hair dye was announced many girls had a sigh of relief because dying hair at home became very easy as mouse literally soaks into hair structure, filling hollow spaces and evenly dies hair.
How to choose a hair dye yourself?
Step 1. Define your hair color. Go to the cosmetic store and get a hair dye palette with shades examples, then find a place with natural light. Define which shade on the palette fits your root’s color.
Step 2. Count how many shades are there between your color and the color you want and choose a hair dye. If you need to change only two shades, better to choose a hair dye without ammonia. But be careful, if your hair is already dark or bright, hair dye without ammonia can only die your roots and not affect the whole hair.
You are just from hair salon, your hair is stunning, the color is just what you wanted, hair shines and looks so sleek. But this little thought keeps bothering you… How long will it stay? How to protect the color? Answer – well care.
Two-three days  after dying you should start using hair masks, they will smooth hair scales and make hair more shiny.

How to conquer yellowness that terrifies blondies? Use toning shampoos! But carefully – there are toning shampoos for warm and cold blond shades. Yellow pigment is covered by blue, wash hair with violet shampoo (it is based on lavender extraction that also protects hair from falling out). Every two or three weeks book a toning mask at hair saloon (based on blueberry for cold shade of blond and based on honey for warm shade of blond) it will keep your color in place for longer.

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