Best Vitamins For Hair

Created by cells within the body, healthy hair grows from healthy bodies. Understanding this, it makes sense that you best nourish your hair from the inside out. Nourished hair begins with a healthy diet and proper vitamins. A balance of all vitamins remains the ideal; however, when taken individually, the best vitamins for hair’s growth and health are biotin, collagen, omega-3 fish oil, and vitamin B-12.

A large number of quality vitamin supplements created specifically to promote hair’s growth and health exist; we definitely advise taking one supplement rather than a large number of single vitamins. We definitely favor three particular products below: Hair Formula 37, FastGrow and Nioxin.

Best Vitamins for Hair
Fast Grow: In our experience, this formulation promotes best the hair growth in Afro American women. The supplement contains the most effective mix of vitamins and essential oils to meet the specific needs of this ethnic hair type.
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