7 Ways to Make Your Hair Thicker and Enhance Growth

Hair loss has become a common problem these days. There can be several reasons behind this problem, including aging, poor diet, stress etc. Some other common reasons subsume lack of protein in diet, and diseases like thyroid. If you are also experiencing thinning of hair, don’t be stressed as the hair loss can be prevented easily by making a few lifestyle changes.

There is a plethora of things you can do to allay the problem of hair loss. Here are the top 7 ways which can vitalize your hair growth while giving them a denser appearance.


Nutritious Diet: Healthy diet is vital for hair growth and should include protein, vitamin and minerals as they are indispensable for hair growth. By including protein rich foods like oats, fruits, green vegetables, chicken and dairy products in your diet you can prevent hair loss.

Oil Massage: It helps in circulating blood in the scalp which is imperative for hair growth. You should massage your hair for 2-5 minutes, gently, once a week with oils like olive oil, coconut oil or castor oil. Moreover, you can also mix honey and lemon in the oil to enhance its effect.

Eggs: Eggs contain all the key ingredients which help in hair growth like protein, zinc and iron. You can apply it directly on your scalp or you can also create a mask with it by adding ingredients like lemon, honey and oil to the egg white. Leave this mask for 15 minutes before washing it with shampoo. Use it once in a month at least to give your hair a fuller look.

Meditation: To come over the problem of stress and to live a peaceful life, meditation is extremely important. It not only helps to reduce stress, but, it also increases efficiency of a person too.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: These are essential for hair as they not only encourage hair growth, but also increase shine and strength of the hair too. You can get it from various natural foods like flaxseed, walnut, fish and avocado. You can also indulge in taking the Omega 3 Fatty Acids supplements.

Vitamin E: You can either introduce Vitamin E in your diet or apply vitamin E rich hair oil on your scalp. In both the ways Vitamin E will nourish your hair and repair the damaged follicles. Vitamin E is available in the market in the form of capsules and also there are many foods which are rich in Vitamin E like coconut milk, almonds and avocado.

Hair Growth Supplements: If these home remedies are taking a lot of time to deliver satisfactory results, you can consider taking the hair growth supplements after consulting your doctor. There are numerous medicines available in the market, which increases hair growth without any side effect.


While hair growth supplements can help you fix the problems, the home remedies will ensure that you have a long term effect on your hair growth. However, ensure that you take any supplement after consulting your physician to avoid any side-effects later.

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