25 Adorable Nail Art

LadyCrappo likes to paint tiny pictures on her nails. Generally she uses nail polish for her designs, which is actually kind of unusual among people who do nail art, since most girls find acrylic paint easier to work with. She started out doing designs with nail polish, not realizing that other people use acrylics, and got used to how nail polish handles that she still uses it. She always finish her design with a layer of topcoat, which is a special clear polish that helps even out the surface and improves the longevity of the polish.

If she`s using a smaller embellishment, she just put a dot of topcoat behind it and then cover the whole nail with another layer to seal it all in. If she`s using something really big or likely to fall off, she uses Kiss nail glue, which is actually designed for gluing artificial nails on, but works great for nail charms.

Below are some of her favorites. Enjoy the gallery and don`t forget to share the love.


25 Adorable Nail Art and Nail Paintings

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