21 Of The Pettiest Things People Have Ever Done

Petty is not an attitude, it’s a way of life. (h/t: Ben)

1. The Wi-Fi password.

My roommate owed me $10 for the internet but gave me $7. So I changed the Wi-Fi password so it was 10 digits long and only gave her seven of them. I told her she could have the rest when she paid me. – alexandrap410c1af75

2. The lightbulb thief.

When my boyfriend and I got into an argument, I took all of the lightbulbs from our apartment while he was taking a walk to cool off. I took the one out of the oven, and I even took the vacuum cleaner because it had a light. I left with a bag full of lightbulbs and stayed at a friend’s house that night. – Jenna Allen, Facebook

3. The melted blue cheese.

My ex thought it would be funny to cheat on me so I hid all types of mouldy blue cheese in his car. He only used his car at the weekend, so when he got into it, the cheese had been melting in the hot weather for about a week. – didodido

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